Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hi! My name is Alex and I have Lumbar Discogenic Dysfunction.

After months of back pain I finally dragged myself to a physio yesterday. In a way it is reassuring to have a diagnosis because I've had this on and off for years. But at the same time this is actually fricking serious! I cracked a disc at some point and the liquid inside is bulging out and pressing on the nerve. Not sexy. The aim is to stop it getting worse because that way lies surgery. Yuk. Fortunately the physio is really nice and seems to know his stuff so the outlook is good. I came out of the first session with my back like this:

Knitting continues but I've recently become quite obsessed with Bargello Embroidery. Isn't it beautiful?
I'm planning a sampler. Anyone know which canvas you're supposed to use with anchor tapestry wool? It's surprisingly difficult to find out.


Unknown said...

I have a little bit if you want a small amount

Liz said...

Ow on the back - hope it improves soon!

I think a 10- or 12- count canvas is what you're meant to use for bargello - and I seem to remember that the double-thread one (Penelope?) is better because the long stitches pull on the canvas... Just realised what a long time it's been since I did any stitching!

Leah said...

Sorry to hear about your back - and that embroidery is gorgeous!

Wibbo said...

Hope the back gets better soon - sounds painful!

Had a quick rustle through some embroidery books - most recommend 16 count canvas for Anchor tapestry wool but I reckon you'd be better starting off with 12 or 14 count. Single thread (mono)canvas is best (sorry, Liz!) but interlock canvas is even better. It's the same 'weave' as single thread canvas but the threads are locked together so are less likely to pull out of shape.

Probably much more than you ever wanted to know ;o)

Daisy said...

Ooh nasty, I'm glad you're seeing the physio before it gets any worse.

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