Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Aunty Alex and Uncle Grumpy!

Pooch and I are now aunt and uncle to Alife Thomas Coward. Here he is with possibly the proudest grandmother in the whole world!
It all happened on friday night so he's home with his mum and dad now and looking even more gorgeous than in that photo. I'm just annoyed I can't go and visit yet. My stamina is increasing but I am still exhausted after an hour of moving about. However, every cloud has a silver lining and all this sitting is increasing my output. Here is the polka dot bag I started a few days ago, drying out after felting.
It's based on one I queued when I first joined Ravelry - more than 2 years ago. It's perfect for a small shoulder bag and is exactly what I wanted.
The bag was knitted and the dots were crocheted and sewn on before felting. Yarn was doubled for the icord handles.

I've also got back on with the secret wedding afghan, which is no longer a secret. The recipients, who got married in, ahem, august, came round a few days ago and I showed it to them. Since then I've finished another square.
Says it all really!

A few days ago I was pondering an excursion when I saw this man doing his leaf blowing thing.
So bloody noisy. I looked at him and remembered the William Shatner song "I can't get behind that" which contains the line "The leaf blowers - is there anything more futile?". Here's the rest of the photo.
That's a lot of leaves.


Sonia said...

Congratulations... the baby is gorgeous.
Sonia/ Brasil

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome dotty bag!

knit nurse said...

funny, I've just been growling about a noisy leaf-blower for the last 30 minutes! They are quite pointless especially when used to clear footpaths. What's wrong with a broom?

Probably Jane said...

That bag is so you!

Glad you're on the mend and hope to see you soon.

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