Monday, 5 October 2009

Kauni Kauni Kauni!

I've been sitting on the kauni yarn since I bought it for myself as a birthday present in July 2008. I swatched last year and have been hesitating ever since about which motif to use and whether to go top down, bottom up, raglan, round yoke yadda yadda. But finally I've cast on.
Everything you've heard about this stuff is true. Watching the colours change is highly addictive making this the most "just one more row" object I've knit so far. At the same time I've got about 280 stitches cast on and this is 3-ply on 3mm needles with a 32 stitch pattern repeat and fairisle on every single row - so this is not going to be done in a week.

This is the first day of my week of holiday from work. Actually holiday, not being signed off. I had planned to do loads of london museums and galleries and to make the Amy Butler Weekender bag. Now none of that is going to happen. On the plus side I retuned the digi box thing at the weekend and we now have a new channel called 'Quest' which is full of TJ Hooker, Mission Impossible and other choice moments of 70s drama. I have been watching a LOT of tv recently because I can't move about much. So new stuff is always welcome. There's only so many times you can watch the lopped repeats of poirot on itv3.

On the subject of tv this woman was doing the weather last night. (Taking pictures of the television is a sign of excellent mental health btw)
Don;t those look like balls of yarn around the edges of her cardi? I suspect they were intended to be roses or something but still, gives one furiously to think, as poirot would say.

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