Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stingray, Stingray, dudda der da der da

I have now watched 35 episodes of Stingray on lovefilm. This has resulted in my Titan hat and also my fascination with how they make the non-human life forms look 'alien' by gluing 70s ric rac type embellishments to them. Take these ones for instance. Silver lampshade fringe. Awesome.
I've also really enjoyed how some of the episodes have been described in the little bit of blurb that accompanies each one.
God knows where that came from. In fact Titan kidnapped Marina. But their description sounds much more exciting.

Yesterday I made dinner for pooch and sian and decided the time was right to try the jam doughnut muffins I posted a link to a while back and for which the recipe is here.
Oh yeah. Warm - these are divine. Cold - they're just very good. Heartily recommend them and they are amazingly simple to make.
The only hard thing is waiting for them to cool down before eating. Burnt my tongue on the jam with my first one. And they're not the only good thing I ate yesterday. Love Hearts by post!
I can definitely recommend doughdough for munchies by post. And for helium balloons I'd recommend Balloon Monkey. There are few occasions that a helium balloon by post isn't suitable for. Possibly not funerals though.

Yesterday also saw alphabet stitchmarkers.
I'm getting ready to try some of Cat Bordhi's socks and I understand you only need A-F but I thought - why stop there? I think I went up to 'I'.

Today was actually a very exciting day because I finally got to see the specialist. Pooch hobbled me down to a taxi and off we went together. He poked me a bit and then confirmed what the physio had said and sent me for an MRI. He insisted it had to be that day and so all of a sudden I'm in an MRI tube in a backless gown listening to sixties classics in a pair of headphones. I'm back to the specialist tomorrow and keyhole surgery is on the horizon. All happening very quickly now.

Since I was actually out of the flat I did a tiny bit of shopping - 2 notebooks for which I have plans, a cherry patch and some more embroidery threads. I'm thinking of doing embroidered pants for christmas presents.
I love embroidery cotton - like crafty jewels.


Daisy said...

Good luck with the specialist!

Rosie said...

Why are MRI's always so undignified?

Hope things are sorted soon.

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