Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Back to work

My first day back at work was yesterday and it all went pretty well! I didn't manage to get much done because the boys had stuck pictures of a very hairy beer belly over just about everything on my desk and so it took a while to get around that. They'd also stuck my handset to the base of the phone and put a poster of the bionic woman up on the wall with my face on it. Bless them. I think they missed me! It was certainly nice to see them and have some human interaction again. I've promised krispy kremes for tomorrow! It looks like Team Wank are really kicking up a right royal fuss about my project and are going to open a can of whooppee at the AGM but you never know. No point worrying about it yet.

Finishing the Kauni didn't quite happen but I now only need to finish the collar and then sew down the collar steek. Then the last act will be to black and sew on the buttons. I had got some lovely vintage dark turquoise ones picked out but then when I got to work I picked up my Jimmy Beams parcel. Not only did it contain these two:


But also this gorgeous set of buttons.


They were crazily expensive but anyone who is married to a Pooch and loves buttons will appreciate why they had to be mine. But then I looked at them with the kauni and all of a sudden I started thinking....what if?


See what I mean? It's tempting.

Having finished practically everything I've been left with a small pile of steek trimmings.


They look so pretty it seems a shame to chuck them. I wondered about felting them into a ball or something but then what would I do with that?


Liz said...

How cute those little boys really are. It's so sweet they're amused by those things, and it must be So Much Fun working with them...

Glad you're well enough to be back at work, anyway.

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Judith said...

Glad you're back and that you were missed! As for the steek trimmings, I was going to tell you about something my mom does. She makes up a smallish sort of bag that is just two squares of fabric sewn together on 3 sides. Then all of her "leftovers" go into it -- fabric trimmings, yarn ends, cut-up hosiery that has runs in it (all clean, of course). When it's full, she sews up the end and has it for a pillow (she likes to quilt pillow covers). It's a great way to cut down on waste!

catmum said...

I love those buttons...and I love (and lust after) the Kauni sweater. I think they'd be perfect together.
and oh, by the way, that WAS the mother of all spiders, not a crab. Amazing, she was quite a beauty, just looking right at me, very calm. I gently transferred her to some bushes nearby.


I think a good motto on such an occasion would be 'felt first, think (what to do with said felting) later'

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