Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 Round-Up

I've been having my usual look at how 2009 has gone, knit-wise. I've added another 43 finished projects to Ravelry. These have included 10 pairs of socks, 3 adult cardigans and nine presents for babies. I've also got 8 WIPs, 226 things queued and 187 yarns stashed. Quite a few of those are 50g balls but still, that's a lot of yarn. Probably just as well I haven't been able to get to the sales at all.

My greatest triumph was definitely my Kauni which I have been wearing frequently since I finished it. The buttons were definitely a good choice.


I learnt a huge amount from making this and loved it all.

I've also really loved my Kai Mei socks and the malabrigo they were made in.


Even David, the anti-knitting physio, has admired these.

Up until christmas eve I would have said that back-aside, I had had a healthy year. The black dog has been kept at bay even though I changed my anti-d in the summer. Even my back - now that the sciatica is just a painful memory - is on the up. The exercises I've been given and the physio are all helping and the operation itself really couldn't have gone any better than it did. I was lucky I had the healthcare to pay for such a good surgeon.

So what does 2010 hold? For a start it will hopefully hold the completion of my physio and the return of full mobility to my leg. It should also contain some good knitting events with SkipNorth, the London one at UCL and (for others) KnitCamp in Stirling. Personally I have definitely decided against it. It's too far and too much just to get to and stay there, never mind classes or shopping. But if it is run elsewhere in 2011 or 12 maybe I'll make the trek depending on how much further south it goes.

One thing I know for certain is coming up in Feb is a Knicker Workshop at the Make Lounge as this was Pooch's christmas present for me. Expect to see some absolutely scintillating underwear being blogged about when that comes round.

Photobucket(By Stella McCartney. Pretty cool.)

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