Monday, 28 December 2009

Back, and 6lbs lighter

I had decided to try to drop another half a stone in 2010. I didn't think I'd be doing it in the last couple of days. And I find it hard to believe that anyone has ever visited my MIL's house and left lighter than when they arrived. I seem to have had what I can only describe as gastric flu and have barely eaten a thing since the 23rd. Rather annoying since this year saw a record haul of chocolate and I haven't been able to even think about opening any of it. I also haven't knitted a stitch since xmas day. There. Now you believe I'm ill, don't you. This was me last night on the train home. And this was before it was delayed for an hour.


Fortunately I am feeling a bit better now. As lovely as it is to see my in-laws, it is always so much more comfortable to be ill at home and when we got back last night I nose dived straight into my bed, with my duvet, my pillows, my crocheted blanket. Mmmmmm. Nothing like it.

Before my yuck came on our little nephew, Alfie, spent the day at his grandmas with his mum and dad. He really is beautiful. Such a chubby little face! And he was wonderfully behaved the whole time. Happy to be held by different people and smiley too. Pooch was very good with him although he never looks totally at ease when holding a baby.


I've come back to sad news - Woolly Wokshop is closing. Very sad. I've been using and recommending them for years. My final recommendation is that you get over there for a 25% off closing sale. They have denise needle sets and luxury sock wool as well as clover accessories and your more everyday things so something for everyone.


Becky said...

oh no - sorry to hear that you have been sick - fab that you have managed to loose 6lbs thought - would that I could do the same !!!

I am so sad about Woolly Workshop - they are fabulous and I've ordered lots of stuff from them too and they've always been great.

Hope you have a wonderful new year.

Sonia said...

Oh girl.... take care of your health. I hope the New Year brings you happiness and whatever else you want.
Be healthy

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