Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fun at WWE

We (pooch and I) went to see WWE Raw at the O2, formerly known as The Dome, last night. Talk about entertainment! I snapped a few videos which you can see here which show how close we were to both the ring and the runway and indicate the noise level. A lot of the shouting on the videos is actually me. Did a lot of shouting. I took a lot of photos but have managed to select just a few to thrill you with.

First up Pooch and I spent some time on sunday making a sign.
This is an important part of the experience. It also makes it easier to spot yourself on TV and yep, we were on there. Woo ha!

This gives you an idea of what it was like inside. It was pretty packed and the atmosphere was brill. Our seats were excellent, not that we really sat in them much, and we had an excellent view.
Both my heroes were there - John Cena, who is also in two of the videos, although he got boo'd a lot. Such a shame as I think he's lovely.
And then also Triple H (or HHH).
This is home during his entrance, which is very impressive. The matches were awesome. Batista was also there and was brill - really friendly so the kids on either side of the runway and joking about with the referees even though he's 6'7" and really built. Here he is showing off with Triple H after one of the matches.
And then there was Randy Orton who's a third generation WWE guy. Feast on this.
He was close enough to lick. What a body! And he is such a bad boy. Mmmmmm. I think he might knock Cena off the top spot in my heart.


I was doing a spot of blog surfing at the weekend and saw this post on Ms Mutley's blog. I asked her for a letter and have duly received one. My next post will do it justice!

Sunday, 19 April 2009


This is what I am walking past twice a day at the moment.
Canada Water tube station, as tube stations go, is pretty nicely situated. This line of trees along a cobbled path (with paved option for slippery days) and a dock with ducks and swans. Yes there are cars and buses, but the blossom makes up for a fair amount of that at the moment.

We went for dinner with some friends last night who are due to have their first baby in 3 months. I remembered I'd promised a pink baby blanket and so cast on yesterday morning.
It's some of the yarn from SkipNorth - Winghams to be precise. I bought it with this project in mind and it is pretty nice to use. It's a rippled blanket except the ripples are on each of the 4 sides of a square. It's the first time I've used the ochert beginning and it worked pretty well. Might need to try it a few more times to get it looking properly neat.

For the last project I started I made some stitchmarkers so I thought I'd do the same for this one. I've had these beads waiting for a rainy day, but I had to work on all of those, so I made them yesterday instead.
I want to make some like those I've seen advertised on ravelry that say things like 'crap', 'bollocks' or 'bugger'. They would also suit my style of knitting pretty well.

To finish, the can-you-guess-what-it-is-yet image from my last post was actually this:
Now you can see my dilemma. Nic assures me she'll make it clear it refers to crochet but your average joe is going to think little Pete has developed an early taste for steak. It just never occurred to me at the time. Doh.

I'm going to be embroidering some newborn t-shirts for Pooch's sister and her husband soon too. Now they are pretty religious so I've been considering what to add. Not being religious myself I'm not sure what is appropriate so let me know what you think of these....
  • Faith, hope and love - but the greatest of them all is love
  • Love covers a multitude of sins
  • Let the little children come to me
  • Love is patient, love is kind
  • Obey your parents in all things, for this is pleasing to the lord
  • Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God

What do you think? Any good or something else?

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