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In Codeine we trust

My back was better - loads better. I hobbled into the physio on tuesday and bounced out again, leaping about like a spring lamb. The at IKnit yesterday I happened to cuddle a baby and on giving it back to its mater something went boink and then continued to get worse and worse and worse and ... you get the picture. It climaxed about 11pm with me crying uncontrollably and writhing with pain on the bed. No position made it better. My right foot had pins and needles and the muscles in the rest of my leg were hyperventilating or whatever muscles do. The out of hours doctor faxed a prescription for codeine to tesco but they didn't open til 8 this morning. Fortunately after a few hours it had eased a bit and I fell asleep - but with the most awful dreams. Now, the painkillers have done the trick but I can see the muscles in my right calf pulse which is rather too much like a horror film to be comfortable.

The worst thing - worse than the pain - is that I've had to miss the second da…

I am in quite agonising pain.

My back has been worse this last two days than it has been during the rest of my life. This morning I could barely walk and was hobbling around. Lying down on front, back or side hurts, sitting hurts, standing hurts. I'm not at work because of the lack of movement and have been hobbling round the flat shouting "ow, fuck!" which has been surprisingly helpful although god knows what the neighbours think. I've had 3 physio appts and it def isn't any better so have an appt with a different one tomorrow to get another opinion. I don;t want the first one to be wrong as he's really nice but it doesn't hurt to be sure. Whereas it does hurt right now.

To cheer myself up I've been continuing with my crochet hexagon blanket. Crocheting puts the least pressure on any part of me. I'm about 100 down. I'm not sure how many I'll need but it did occur to me today that they will stretch so maybe I should start joining them sooner rather than later.

Apart from…