Saturday, 19 September 2009

A last bite at summer

There was an unexpected last peak of summer today. I took this from the dock, looking across towards Canary Wharf.

Walking is still not great although I am getting around in my hercule-poirot style-baby-steps-type-way. The trouble is I still can't feel my right foot so I can't, for instance, stand on tip toe on that side or push off with my toe as you normally would when walking. The earliest appt I can get with the consultant is 7th Oct but I really hope it wears off by then. Mind you, it's been a week already and there's been no real change. My hamstring is quite painful but I don;t have to take any painkillers anymore so really I'm not doing badly at all.

Meanwhile the Bobbly Dongly Testicle Scarf is done. It's based on the one I saw at IKnit and is frankly brilliant. Short length of 'normal' scarf with i-cord and stuffed bobble on the end. It was difficult to take a pic of it on me so I used the Pooch as a model.
Isn't he beautiful? Then he agreed to illustrate the more personal element of the scarf.
Enough said.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Back Update

Good news: Leg still numb but no longer need the codeine so things are looking up overall.

Bad news: Physio referred me to a consultant spinal surgeon for an MRI scan 'just in case' it is something worse than they thought because the numbness should have worn off by now.

He did some acupuncture on me this morning and hasn't made any difference but was quite relaxing. But he did teach me how to walk without limping (as that is bad for my back, naturally, isn't everything?) and so now I'm mincing and walking even more slowly than I was with the limp. Very small steps since I can't feel most of my right foot so can't push off with it. Looks ridiculous.

Anyway, all this hasn't stopped the knitting and I now have the blanket, hat and cardi for my SIL's baby-to-be which is expected next month. My elaborate blanket designs boiled down to a rectangle of st st with a ripple edging.
Quite pretty though. And the hat...
I've also been working on the most amazing scarf which just makes me laugh each time I pick it up. A few more nights knitting and it should be done. Plus my dotty socks using the yarn my SP gave me are coming along nicely and am just decreasing the gusstes on the second one. Hoorah!
Just to round off I came into work on Tuesday and found 3 and a 1/2 balls of this on my desk.
A colleague found it while having a clear out so I'm going to make him a helmet liner since he apparently wants one.
Ooooh yes, someone asked about the Debbie New book. Seriously amazing book - well worth the high cost! I think IKnit do it too and the KCG but can't find the links right now.
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