Saturday, 27 February 2010

Look at my pants!

I did the Knicker Making Workshop that Pooch got me for christmas today.....AWESOME! It was at the Make Lounge which I'd read about on Jane's blog but this was my first visit. My pants are, frankly, amazing. 
I also got to use an overlocker for the first time too. Now that is one mean machine. So useful for almost everything ever. I need an overlocker. No. No, I don;t need an overlocker. No. Don't. 
The teacher was brilliant and the course was very well organised. The range of fabrics to choose from were lovely, as wear the elastic and threads. Facilities were good - I'd definitely do another course there sometime. In fact the owner mentioned one on screenprinting coming up which sounds very tempting. 

I managed to come out of the shop with just one or two little things. Two of which were these lovely fabrics, which will fit very nicely into my dotty quilt. 

All my knitting this week has been on the wedding blanket and I've finished these two as well as the plain circles. This one is like a paper cut out lou and joe made for me and pooch one time showing the four of us lined. up.
The other one....can you see what it is?


scrowlscrowl said...

Hi Lixie!
I've received your postcard and love it!!
Thank you so very much!!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oh my what delightful knickers you've made! was it easy?

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