Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Unexpected Fairisle

Having completed a chunky baby tam jacket a few weeks ago I decided to go 4-ply and fairisle. The start was not promising.
Ghastly mess. But I have hung on in there and here is where I am now.
Not amazing but looking ok. In retrospect I would have started the fairisle later to get some more increases out of the way, and also would use a plain white rather than the dotty one which I used for some socks last year, but it's all using up stash so is all good. Looking forward to seeing it done.

I was crusing the web the other day looking for a UK equivalent of ReproDepot and came across SeamStar. I will so be going back there. I ordered on monday and today....
How fricking cute are those cats? I need to think of something to do justice to them. I want to have them in front of me all the time. I'm not into plushy type things though, so what to do?

1 comment:

mooncalf said...

Oh dear - that seamstar site looks awfully tempting! What a great find - thanks :)

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