Saturday, 20 March 2010

SkipNorth Epic

Though I say so myself, I think this was a good one. It all went to plan, everyone seemed pretty happy and there was some good shopping for all. All criteria for success. Full photos are here but here are some selected highlights. 

Wicked treat on the drive up:
Haworth high street (it's actually the first time in all these visits I've ever seen this):
Just a hint of the epic yarn swap:
Now that truly was immense. I have never seen so much yarn outside of a shop. It looks like our combined donations (on behalf of what we all took from the swap) amounts to well over £300, all for p-hop. Hoorah for all of us!

My own personal gain from p-hop was firstly these amazing vintage embroidery cotton organisers. 
Aren't they gorgeous? I also got some random yarn and some other embroidery bits. 
I didn't buy anywhere near as much as I have in the past during the weekend, but I did do very nicely. One of my best purchases has to be the alpaca from County Alpacas, the farm owners who came to talk to us on saturday night. 
They told me the name of the alpaca it came from but I've completely forgotten - may have been Irene? Beautiful stuff and a tiny carbon footprint seeing how the furthest it travelled was to the other side of the county to be processed at the mill. I bought it for an interweave wrap that Knit theKnits modelled very nicely during the weekend. In fact there were many amazing FO's being modelled which were all inspiring, but I think it is the emerald beaded bracelet that I've seen queued most often since then. It was even more amazing in real life than it looks on ravelry.  

BTW - Ravelry would seem to no longer be 'beta' and has a nifty new homepage. Very nice!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the alpaca is called Angel
Thanks again for such a warm welcome at Skip north

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