Sunday, 28 March 2010


When I was serving time on the inside, one of the things they stressed was that it was perfectly normal to be unhappy. Most people were unhappy for more or less of their lives. The aim therefore was to be healthily unhappy rather than unhealthily depressed. Which makes sense in a very depressing way. Having recently had a bit of a blow to the old mental confidence, I find myself back in familiar territory – trying to work out whether I am healthily or unhealthily unhappy. In these situations I, like many others, turn to religion. I have talked about my beliefs before and this is where Pastafarianism comes in very handy.

A Christian, when asking themselves this kind of question, might say “What would Jesus do?”. Jesus could be fairly moody (see money sellers in the temple) plus in many ways exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia (hearing voices), so in many ways it's hard to use him as a reality yardstick. This is where Pastafarianism wins hands down. Because, as every FSM devotee will be able to tell you, at moments like this you ask yourself one simple question:
So simple. Which is how I ended up looting these.
And now everything is fine. Sorted.

Just for good measure, here are some inspirations for the week, all from Flickr.
1. Kit 50 Botões, 2. knitting, 3. The Cheshire Cat - an ornament in beads and wire, 4. "Knit" & "Purl" Ambigram Chart, 5. I heart mustache bag detail, 6. Raiffe , 7. Lova Revolutionary Brooches Clouds Sunshines Rainbows Eco Felt & Hand Embroidery, 8. Um mimo!!!, 9. MonsterSocks
All so beautiful. Hopefully my own patchwork will feature on someone else's inspirations one day. Not at the moment though!

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TJ said...

Lexie, you are the first Pastafarian I have ever known. I hope I can figure out when your "big" holiday is so I can send you some mail art! Your blog is so funny, I love your writing. Keep going!! tj in germany

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