Sunday, 11 April 2010


I am really enjoying the Steegie hoody. It's going so fast compared to the 4-ply I've been working with recently. The arms are knit upside down to the way you'd normally do them when knitting flat, so you add the zigzags at each end of the top of the arm so when you sew the seam you've got the ridges along the top of the arms in two colours, each off set by half a zig.

I had the red from the 2009 SkipNorth and picked up the blue and green from this year's. Perfecto.

I went to visit the recipient and his wonderful parents yesterday. He's had a growth spurt so fingers crossed I've made it big enough. Nic (for it was she) has put her back out again and god knows I can sympathise with that. She'd still managed to get me a strawberry as a present though. How awesome is this?

It's a strawberry (duh) but it's also one of those reusable shopping bags which you can unfold at a moment's notice. On the way back home I popped into a charity shop and saw this book. It is full of vintage gems, such as this.

A tray holder. For when you're not sure where to keep your trays. Delightful. Then this caught my eye and I knew I'd have to buy the book.
I've always wondered how to get that effect on fabric and now I know.

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