Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The cutest bowling ball in creation

This is Pooch with our beefy nephew.
He's 7 months but already into 9-12 month clothes and is one of the best-natured children I've ever come across (possibly almost as lovely as Nickerjac's Pete was at that age). We had a lovely weekend up North with my in-laws and had far more food than is good for anyone as well as great company. I also scored Wrestlemania 21 in a charity shop and you don;t get much better than that.

I knitted like a demon while i was up there. Mostly because I do not like knitting socks with the sockenwolle stuff.
It looks nice enough with the long colour changes but it is just too woolly for me. So I knit like a monkey to get them over with, and surely they were. I think I'll put these by as a christmas present for someone. Finishing these meant I could try an experiment with some self-striping regia I got in a swap. I love the appearance of slip stitches and I love zig zags. So the Impasta Shawlette in Interweave was always going to be a winner. But I don;t really use shawls so I went for socks and was hoping it would make a self-striping yarn look like zigzags.
As you can see no discernable effect but I think if the stripes were narrower it might work ok. These socks will be going to Pooch at some point, if he deserves them. He got a stonking bonus last week and as yet no presents have appeared chez byrne so we'll see.

My fingers are sore today but not because of the knitting. It is pater's bday today and as he is such a keen bird watcher I decided to get a hat and personalise it.
The quote says "My favourite weather is bird-chirping weather". In retrospect I am hoping this isn't a euphemism but it was on a bird watching website so fingers crossed I am ok!

My last point for this post concerns blue and green and grey. I love the colour combinations you see between green fields and blue skies, especially as the sun is going down or when the weather is turning. I snapped these from the train on the way back from Manchester.
If you know of yarns in these colours let me know!

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Leah said...

I love the color of Malabrigo in Alcaucil -- it's a deeper green/blue/gray than in your photos, but just as gorgeous.

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