Wednesday, 16 June 2010

If I do not get a cat soon I'll......I'll......

I have been asking Pooch to get me a cat for my birthday. He keeps saying 'no' but I won't give up. Meanwhile I torture myself....

In February I spotted a picture of a cat wearing a devil hat. Too cute. Then on Ravelry I spotted the designer has a new pattern out for a unicorn cat-hat. That one didn't appeal to me especially....but the bear ears? Oh boy. So I have shamelessly nicked her photos from Ravelry in the belief she won;t mind in return for this plug - all the patterns are available on Ravelry here or on Etsy here and are only about $4 each. So if you have a cat, and it needs a hat, you know where to go.

Bear Cat

Frog Cat

Party Cat (Pooch did point out that in this one the cat looks like he's had enough hats for one day, but still)

Monster Cat

And then just in case you are deranged like me in your desire for cats, but your hateful husband has deliberately set out to be allergic to them, she has cat patterns too.


Finally, just so you know I don't exaggerate about my working conditions....
And I'm the one in the middle. Although I'm hoping that was clear and didn't really need saying.

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dude, have you seen 'quilt-group'? It's just at the Beta stage and isn't yet quite Ravelry-esque but it is on the way...why don't you put your name down for an account and befriend me as I have no quilt friends!

I am also desperate for a cat but have to convince not only Kenny but also his dad (cos we are living with him) that it is a good idea. I have found a new way to torture myself as our local Cats Protection actually puts up pics of their current cats online so I can look at all the cats I could have and who are currently languishing in care. It's cat madness.

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