Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm a sexy librarian.

Although the boys at work say I'm more like that old lady librarian ghost from Ghostbusters.

Well what a weekend. Having dismally drawn England in the office sweepstake I am now semi-obliged to take an interest in their inevitable downfall. It was probably just as well since we were having a roomful of people round to watch their first game yesterday. I made key lime pie using this amazingly simple recipe. Pooch made chilli. Everyone was happy basically. Apart from that goal keeper. Ah well.
Of course no evening with Pooch is complete without a laptop. And in this case it was used so that one of his mates on the otherside of london who was looking after his baby girl could be with us in spirit via Skype videocall. Skype really is amazing technology - and on top of that it is free. So we were able to keep an eye on each others' reactions and to share analysis at half-time. You can see him circled in red here.
Just to balance things out and make sure no one thinks I'm actually supporting england long-term or anything, I have placed my first ever bet with a bookmaker. £5 on Germany to win the whole thing. And they've just scored twice in their first game so I'm feeling good about it. It might make the next few weeks slightly more bearable too.

On the craft side it is still all about the hexagons. So not much to show. However, I did take a break long enough to whip this up.
It ties around the door handles of the front room. The door never stays shut when a window is open because of the throughdraft and it bangs and scrapes where the catch is. So now it deliberately doesn't shut, and the padding inside it stops the banging. I is genius.

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