Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Red Hair

Done at Pimps and Pinups. I'm really happy with it!
My Twilight Shot

Up la


Sarah said...

Looks awesome!!!

Dyed red hair is the best.

Lauri said...

Whoa! Gorgeous!!!

Heather said...

Fab colour!

Miriam said...

Well, as a natural auburn-haired person who is part of a large, almost completely red-headed immediate family, I can certainly understand why someone would want to join us in red-headed-dom!! In the summer I often do a henna application to my hair to make the red more luminous in the sun. I'd do it a lot more often if it wasn't such a pain.

I think you look beautiful!

Annette said...


m said...

Wow! Love it!!

Liz said...

Looks wonderful!

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