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I heart iPhone

I got my iPhone 2 wednesdays ago. I totally love it. Because of SkipNorth and being so hectic at work I've only just got a cover for it and, naturally, I wanted it to be polka dot. It was proving pretty hard to find a suitable one and so it occurred to me to let loose with the shoe paints on a plain one. So I found a cheap leatherish white one and....

Step 1: Take some address labels and hole punch them. Then spend ages trying to get the buggers off the backing sheet and place them strategically on your plain phone cover. Alternatively find some circular stickers the right size and use those.
Step 2: Coat with 3 coats of lumiere jacquard paint in metallic red.
Step 3: Peel off the stickers, and discover a number of them have let paint in at the edges.
Step 4: Use cotton buds to remove excess paint up to a point.
Step 5: Seal with two coats of flexible varnish.
Step 6: When dry, add iPhone.
Love. Love. Love.

I am really enjoying discovering the many apps. I've only paid for one so far…

SkipNorth Epic

Though I say so myself, I think this was a good one. It all went to plan, everyone seemed pretty happy and there was some good shopping for all. All criteria for success. Full photos are here but here are some selected highlights. 

Wicked treat on the drive up:
Haworth high street (it's actually the first time in all these visits I've ever seen this):
Just a hint of the epic yarn swap:
Now that truly was immense. I have never seen so much yarn outside of a shop. It looks like our combined donations (on behalf of what we all took from the swap) amounts to well over £300, all for p-hop. Hoorah for all of us!

My own personal gain from p-hop was firstly these amazing vintage embroidery cotton organisers.  Aren't they gorgeous? I also got some random yarn and some other embroidery bits. 
I didn't buy anywhere near as much as I have in the past during the weekend, but I did do very nicely. One of my best purchases has to be the alpaca from County Alpacas, the farm owners who came t…