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Showing posts from May 2, 2010

Baby got a brand new chair

Behold! My Chair!
My physio suggested a nursing chair would be good for me as it is a solid structure with good padding and support. I tried out some mucho expensive ones in John Lewis and spent a very happy 10 mins rocking away before noticing the one I liked most was £380. Not going to happen, so online for a cheap replica. One grumpy pooch later, ta da!
Pockets for knitting. Nice touch.

Of course being a cheap knock off the covers are nasty polyester although perfectly fine for now. But naturally I am already planning to recover. Which has made me think about material. I'm going to need a curtain weight cotton and so my mind has turned to Spoonflower. If only there was a UK version. But still, there are some lovely fabrics on there. All of these link back to the creators for ordering. Thousands of other to choose from. I do like those buttons though.

Such an amazing chair naturally needs some accessories. Here are the first:
Except I can't have my new chair with that tatty old …

Crafty goodness

It has now been 2 weeks since I knitted a stitch. It's a bit odd since that it the longest I've gone without knitting for at least 5 years. I'm just so into the patchwork instead. I've now done 94 of 225 flowers, each consisting of 7 hexagons with 1" sides. I am sure I'll get bored any minute and fling it into a dark cupboard for 6 months but at least by the time I come back to it I'll be half way through.

I went to Friday late at the V&A with Nic and Jackie last week. It was really nice just spending a couple of hours crafting with them. This is the photo Nic tweeted during the evening:
The V&A had underestimated the level of interest so kits ran out fairly early but we managed to get some for us and made a variety of weird and wonderful and, in my case, ugly things. I made more out of the paper bag in the end than the contents but Jackie made this amazing dragonfly:

I scored a tea towel for Pooch from their shop:
And also a top hat for me. I've…