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Dalston - place of mystery and intrigue

The reopening of the East London line has opened up several not-so-far-flung corners of London. I had a long-standing appt to meet a friend there and it took a mere 20 mins to get straight to the heart of the area, and the delights that contains. For a start there is a huuuuuuuuge market. More fruit, veg, fish, clothes, shoes, bags, cooking pots etc than you can shake an incense stick at. That's where I scored this massive amount of cherries from - just £2.
Then there are all the stalls with fabric on. And not just stalls. My visit had a dual purpose and the first was to visit Dalston Mill, which really has to be seen to be believed. (The website just doesn't do it justice.) This gives you a rough idea:
Floor to ceiling fabric bolts. So that's 3 stories high of fabric. Then there is all the floor space stacked with rolls. Then there are the back rooms. It was pretty amazing. I asked them how they got the the rolls off the top tiers and the lovely lady helping us said they ho…

Mosaic Magic

Yay for secret pal!

I love secret pal. This round is a bit weird but I'm still having fun. I got my first parcel from my pal today. Yippeee!
300g of lovely soft cotton in that divine dark purple, 4 big buttons to match, 2 BEAUTIFUL heart=shaped ceramic buttons, nail varnish in the exact same shade as the yarn (!) AND a massive block of delicious chocolate that is about.....half gone already. Om nom nom nom. Thank you secret pal! I am very very happy. I am thinking this maybe for the yarn, as a short sleeved version. But I think I can wing the pattern without paying since it looks like the estonian button stitch from these socks on the body, and I can do the yoke no prob. No wait....this. Yeah baby.

Work has been as zany as ever recently. The boys have been on fine form, and never more so than when my free sample frames arrived from Glasses Direct. Very impressed with them, but that's by the by. I tried on my frames and have gone for these ones:
Which left the boys with the other three pairs to play…

The cutest bowling ball in creation

This is Pooch with our beefy nephew.
He's 7 months but already into 9-12 month clothes and is one of the best-natured children I've ever come across (possibly almost as lovely as Nickerjac's Pete was at that age). We had a lovely weekend up North with my in-laws and had far more food than is good for anyone as well as great company. I also scored Wrestlemania 21 in a charity shop and you don;t get much better than that.

I knitted like a demon while i was up there. Mostly because I do not like knitting socks with the sockenwolle stuff.
It looks nice enough with the long colour changes but it is just too woolly for me. So I knit like a monkey to get them over with, and surely they were. I think I'll put these by as a christmas present for someone. Finishing these meant I could try an experiment with some self-striping regia I got in a swap. I love the appearance of slip stitches and I love zig zags. So the Impasta Shawlette in Interweave was always going to be a winner. Bu…