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Secret Pal Goodness

My second parcel from my wonderful Secret Pal. Just the outside of it promises so much goodness. Beautiful box.
Inside did not disappoint! Gorgeous wool/silk and the most perfect red, wonderful chocolate smelling soap, and blueberry flavoured licorice - I never even knew such a thing existed. I have reached the age of 31 and 364 days without realising you could get flavoured licorice.
Isn't that yarn gorgeous? It is enriched with aloe vera and jojoba too just too make it even more perfect. Meanwhile I have been busy with the first lot of yarn she gave me and have finished the back of the flower child top. Except I think I've made a mistake with part C as it doesn't seem to match D. Ah well. Plus of course there's the seaming. May do the front in one piece.
Of course SP isn't all one way - I have my own pal to spoil and so I made her some stitchmarkers from some of the beads I bought in Istanbul.
I've made a matching set for myself. I always used to find the eye thi…

Beautiful Patchwork

Long, long ago I saw this quilt on Flickr. It was love at first sight. After a year of work it is finally coming together. This is it laid out on the floor without the quarters sewn together.
Then with the corners of the squares placed in the right places.
So exciting to see it like that. Just look at some of the individual sections.
The colour of the surrounding corners really brings out the colours of the fabrics in the circles.

I've started sewing them together and have the first two with all the paper removed. This is my first double-bed sized fabric quilt of this complexity so it is wonderful to see it coming together.

Knitstanbul Part 2

I left off just where things were getting interesting - the knitting section of the Grand Bazaar. I scored. Not too much because I had to get it in the suitcase, but still pretty well. No ball was more than £1.25 and some were 25p. Good stuff. Firstly 5 colours of sock yarn, of which these are 2.
Then some acrylic but very soft and lovely colours. I would have got more, but space demands constricted me. Such a shame.
Some lovely metallic (plus another of the sock yarn colours).
And lastly some ribbon yarn which I thought might make another floaty scarf.
Elsewhere I also got a load of beads, gorgeous rayon embroidery skeins and other goodies.
One of which is these lengths of beautiful flowers which I saw made into necklaces.
And last but not least, my fabulous shoes.

At this point we moved to hotel number two, which was very modern and luxiourious.
Sadly it coincided with us both getting stomach bugs. Poor Pooch.
We still managed to enjoy ourselves though and especially at the Pere Museum who …

Knitstanbul Part 1

(To be fair, this is the name of a group on Ravelry that I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of going to Istanbul visit first. They give great advice.)

Yay! Istanbul! It was brilliant, Our first hotel was sublime. This was our little balcony.
The hotel had three resident cats. This is Lonesome George. He was slightly senile and spent a lot of time sleeping.
This is Mr Mijage. He was very affectionate, especially if you gave him your breakfast butter.
Cats abound in Istanbul - especially in the traditional half around Sultanamet. I saw that in Morocco too but there the people didn't seem to like them. Whereas in Istanbul it's like they both exist together quite peaceably, doing their own thing.

The city is the most well defined 'city of two halves' I have ever seen. Sultanamet has Aya Sophia, Blue Mosque and traditional museums. All were extremely inspiring. This column...
...reminded me so vividly of this sock. Now there's a sentence you don;t see very often. Th…