Saturday, 5 February 2011

Having the Snip

I really do love Etsy.
Gift box
It's so awesome getting a little gift to yourself in the post. This one was from Crave Jewellery Design. I'd seen it on Pinterest and convo'd her to ask if she had another for sale, since the original had sold. You can either wear it open....
Scissor Necklace
.....or closed:
Scissor Necklace
So sweet. 

Scissors were much in use to finish a project this week. I've been taking part in the #craftsocial heart swap and here is my offering:
Heart Needlebook - closed
I always find needlebooks so handy and I didn't just want to make 'a heart' as I preferred it to have some use.
Heart Needlebook - inside
Yet more scissors on the inside plus some felt 'pages' for the needles. It's flying off to America as I type. 

I was in Greenwich earlier today to visit the library (prompted by the "Save Our Libraries" Day today) and had a look around the clocktower market. It is my favourite bit of Greenwich. This time I spied these gorgeous little jampots.
China jampots
I was sorely tempted to at least get the strawberry one but then I remembered I started packing for the move this morning and I already have more than enough stuff. It made me sad, because I wouldn't have hesitated to buy it 6 months ago. Ah well. 

At work the recycling bins have just been labelled to stop the small of brain getting confused about whether teabags constitute paper or not, and the ordinary bin has been labelled 'landfill'. This struck me as a simple but effective way of really making you think about the rubbish you thrown away. And so in spying an old sofa cover about to be thrown away I took a look at it to check for unmoveable stains or holes, and then resolved to make a tablecloth for my new flat with it. 
Old sofa cover
I wanted a red and white one and was looking for polka dot fabric (naturally) but couldn't find any in an upholstery weight that wasn't super expensive (thank you Cath Kidston!). This is an excellent red and I can use the machine embroidery skills I learnt at the Make Lounge to decorate it. Bonza. I've washed it at 90 degrees and it's come up as good as new. And all for £0!


suse-the-slow-knitta said...

love those jam pots!!

Heather Cawte said...

That's the kind of price I like :D

Love the necklace!


I really struggle with the not buying bargain vintage trinkets thing. Even though we have no space and no money for such frivolities I find it hard to repeat the mantra 'this is not my only chance to have beautiful things, if I don't buy it today it doesn't matter'. It's the fear that I'll lose this stuff I guess. Even though I am surrounded by plenty of other stuff. I don't know what to do about this but I think I have some inkling of how you feel....

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