Thursday, 25 August 2011

Walking in the Rain

It was raining on Tuesday night so I decided to do a Gene Kelly and walk down to the river and get the boat home. It would have taken about half an hour to reach the pier if I had gone direct but I meandered and took twice as long. And I took photos. But only on my phone, so don't judge the quality.
Grand Building Entrance with pillars

London Telephone box in the rain
Trees at the end of the street
Narrow London Street Passage
Lantern and tree in the rain
Bronze elephant statue
Wet pavement
Lantern with steps in the rain
London Recession
Edgar Wallace Pub
unhappy building
Narrow steps
Park Gateway 
It always amazes me the variety of architecture, textures, atmospheres you can find so close together in London.


Anonymous said...

I felt I was walking in the city too, thanks Lixie for the series of pics!
Pilhellene on Rav

versavisa said...

Thanks Lixie.

Lovely photos and such a change from most people who only bring out the camera (or iPhone) in the sun.

I love rain! Am I the only one?


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