Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Now where was I...

I literally sit at my desk and say this out loud 10+ times a day. I have one of those jobs where it is rare for me to be doing something without interruption for more than a few minutes at a time. Phonecalls and colleagues combine to keep things fairly varied and I actually rather like it as it's hard to get terribly bored when you can only do one thing for a few mins at a time without a break. But it does mean that I frequently forget what I was doing and so muttering my little mantra seems to help me focus again.

Blogging is something that seems to have been interrupted by life recently. More than 2 weeks since my last post and lots of fairly disconnected things have happened. For example, I have a FO.
Opal Socks
The pattern is Prism (Rav link) and is free, simple and quite effective, just how I like my patterns and my men.
Opal Socks
I also received an awesome swap parcel from the Spring/Summer Swap via the UK Swap Group on Ravelry.
My awesome benefactor was none other than PurlPower who I am pleased to see has been suitably spoilt by her own sender. The piece de resistance has to be the handkerchief.
Embroidered handkerchief
Isn't that amazing? I'm torn between using it and framing it.

In between knitting I've been doing some sewing. One FO is this dress for my mum.
Mum in her handmade dress
I made myself the exact same dress in the exact same fabric and love it. I know making her the same one is a little sarah-ferguson-freaky but she lives in somerset so we're rarely at the same gala events so I think it'safe. I've since made her another in red gingham which is her favourite fabric but I'm not as sure about it as the other one. I am due to go down to visit them on saturday for a little holiday so will see what she thinks of it then. Of course being my mother she'll say it's amazing whatever she actually thinks but I can also take the scissors to it if it doesn't look right.

In what is now a rare foray into yarn shopping I bought two balls of Kauni with the idea of swatching for a fairisle/intarsia jumper I've had in mind for a while. Kauni is so hard to photograph so just do what you can with this, complete with bits of authentic detritus that always seem to appear in Kauni as in Noro.
The idea was for a cloud jumper or cardigan so off I went....
...but that colourway didn't give me the contrast I was after. I'm now wondering about using the kauni as the background colour and dyeing something for the clouds in a more variegated white/grey colourway. Thoughts?

Then of course while all this frankly usual creative stuff has been going on there is Project Humphrey tootling along in the background. We are now up to 5 dates with a 6th planned for friday. He continues to be highly entertaining although things got awkward last weekend when a conversation I started produced the most accurate impersonation of a rabbit caught in headlights that I've ever seen. And I've scared* a lot of men in my time.
Scared rabbit
Despite that things do look pretty good so that's one vote from me for matchaffinity.com, just in case anyone is considering having a go at online dating.

* When looking on Flickr CC for a photo to illustrate this I came across this: "Scare Bear".
88/141 Scared?
No longer available which is fecking annoying. I so want one.
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