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Showing posts from June 5, 2011

Now where was I...

I literally sit at my desk and say this out loud 10+ times a day. I have one of those jobs where it is rare for me to be doing something without interruption for more than a few minutes at a time. Phonecalls and colleagues combine to keep things fairly varied and I actually rather like it as it's hard to get terribly bored when you can only do one thing for a few mins at a time without a break. But it does mean that I frequently forget what I was doing and so muttering my little mantra seems to help me focus again.

Blogging is something that seems to have been interrupted by life recently. More than 2 weeks since my last post and lots of fairly disconnected things have happened. For example, I have a FO.
The pattern is Prism (Rav link) and is free, simple and quite effective, just how I like my patterns and my men.
I also received an awesome swap parcel from the Spring/Summer Swap via the UK Swap Group on Ravelry.
My awesome benefactor was none other than PurlPower who I am pleased t…