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Books #47 - #58

The images are amazon affiliate links so click on them if you want to buy - but dudes, I'm only in it for the pictures.

At the start of the year I said I wanted to have read 60 books. I seem to have managed 58. I've been using to keep track and was up to 46 when I wrote my last review post in November.

#47 One Man Show
By Michael Innes

Probably one of the best Innes books I've read in a long time. Although there was a lot of long winded description it almost made sense and the plot twists and turns (it was like a freakin maze) were just extraordinary enough to keep me entertained as well as intrigued. In a nutshell - your detective goes to anart exhibition with his wife, sees a painting by a recently dead artist which is then stolen. Except it's all linked up with another stolen painting and it's not clear if the artist was murdered or not and what's happened to the woman upstairs and get the idea. 
I got this with a bundle of his o…

Crafting For, During and After Christmas

These are some of the presents I made for people this Christmas.
I made quite a few presents and managed to forget to photograph a fair number of them too. But they have all been very happily received which is the main thing. I also bought a few things from other makers.

My Dad adores his Bird Nerd keyring and tells me it is a compliment in birding circles. This one was from an Etsy seller in the USA.

I'd decided on a silk scarf for my ma-in-law and knew this was the perfect one as soon as I saw it on Folksy. Lovely UK seller and designer too.

I was also crafting on christmas day and in the last few days. My pin cushion, made before the days of blogging, was falling apart so needed replacing. The original was a flower made out of felt on top of a small round cardboard box such as you get told to decoupage nowadays. The replacement is a variation on that.
I made a few of these for christmas presents last year. The top is a patchwork hexagon I made out of diamonds that wasn't si…

C is for C...C....C....Christmas!

Merry Christmas one and all! This is where I ate my christmas lunch, consisting of one jam sandwich and a big sainsbury's chocolate cookie.
Day two of volunteering went very well. Towards the end of my shift I took a call from an Outreach Worker who had come across a man sleeping rough. He had been in one of the Crisis shelters on the 23rd but thought it was like at the rest of the year when they can only stay for one night and then have to move on. Together with others in the Ops Centre we arranged for him to be picked up and driven back to the shelter he had been in and to stay there until the 2nd so he doesn't have to sleep outside for at least the next 8 nights.  There he'll have a dry, clean bed with the chance to have three meals a day, clean clothes, have a shower, a haircut, medical attention (including psychiatric if needed) and advice from people on the services he can access to try and get him  permanently off the streets. I only played a minor part in all that …

C is for C...C...C.....Crisis

Go me! My first day of volunteering saw me up at 5.30am and hard at work by 7.30am. I'll be there all week. It's rather nice to be helping out when otherwise I'd just be sitting about doing not much. Although I am not often doing not much. For example, I broke out the washi tape.  My formerly plain pound shop tin is now all cat and dotty. Also I had another chance to experiment with Nickerjac's Cricut. Sadly this did not exactly go to plan.  I'd bought a new blade and done much research into how to cut fabric with one. I followed one tutorial, much encouraged by her description of it "cutting like butter". Mine cut more like a sword made out of modelling balloons.  So. Right. Not to be put off I switched to just cutting freezer paper, which did indeed cut like a soft foodstuff. I then ironed the freezer paper shapes onto fabric, cut round them and glued (yes, glued) them onto bibs and onesies.  A quick zigzag stitch around them and ta da! On some of them …


Pooch and I swapped gifts early since he will be in Colne over xmas while I will be here in London. I got chopsticks, an amazing printed linen cloth with cat faces on it which I forgot to photograph and....washi tape.
I'd asked him to pick up couple as I've seen it on various craft blogs but the UK prices seem a bit OTT. Turns out the prices in Japan are just as bad but...

I've only got as far as unwrapping one roll to play with but I don't want to get caught in one of those 'saving it for something special' traps which so easily leads to hoarding. I'm therefore scouring Pinterest for ideas. Apparently it is wall friendly and I am rather taken by this:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
And you know I do rather like polka dots.

Having finished my christmas crafting I've got a few FOs to share. During my flu I wasn't capable of anything more complicated than a Frankie's 10-stitch blanket which I've made twice before. This one is d…