Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lorra Lime

I'm knocking back ginger beer with fresh lime juice. Oh yeah. I know how to live. Except my second one was a bit too strong on lime and a bit short on ginger beer so with each swig I do the kind of facial contortions people with facelifts claim are good for toning your nose. I do this while making final preparations for SkipNorth for which I am now on final countdown. Expect many photos of alpaca, wool, knitters and more next week. Until then...

My crazy patchwork letter case has progressed. It puckered a bit but otherwise...
Embroidered letters lettering
Cute huh? I'm now hand embroidering where the fabrics join.

My main achievement though is undoubtedly Resin Part Two.
WWE Bracelet
Doesn't it just want to make you break down and thank god you are a WWE fan? I cut all those little pictures out of my WWE Magazine myself and glued and sealed them into the bracelet blank before letting it dry and then mixing and pouring the resin.
WWE Bracelet sideways
You know I've been wearing this one with pride.

People still tell me they can't understand why I like WWE so much but hell - there are woman my age that collect My Little Pony or have season tickets for football teams. This is just my little quirk. PLUS you can knit while you watch.




I LOVE that bracelet, even though I have no interest in WWE and don't know who any of the fellas on it are. I just love that you have something that you are passionate about and you have turned that passion into a motherfunking cool piece of jewellery via the medium of craft. I will always think that is a cool thing to do. And it is definitely cooler than collecting My Little Ponies.

ThreeSilverHearts said...

I have often been astonished at your love of WWE and I cannot see an advert for it on telly without you coming to mind. I know you have been following it for years as I remember the comments on the old Yahoo handknitters site. Good for you, but when it gets exciting doesn't that mess with your tension?

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