Monday, 7 May 2012

I Wasn't Going to Start Anything New

I particularly wasn't going to buy stuff so I could start something new. Then I went to Canary Wharf (and fell off a Boris Bike in the process) and bought a duvet cover. It came with pillows. They were plain blue. They're not now.
Bunting Pillow Cases
I've started doing the same thing to the duvet cover. It's actually really time consuming.
Bunting Close Up
Going to take much longer than I thought.

Then when I'd decided to stop that for the day I pulled out the small towel and facecloth I wasn't going to do anything with because I wasn't starting anything new.
Cloud Bathmat
The edges are curly at the moment because I zig zagged them and the blue lines around the edges are a water soluble marker but both with sort themselves out once it has a first wash.

I'm very happy with how both have turned out but also kind of angry with myself for making them when I could have been working on existing WIPs. Speaking of which - this is the shawl I blogged about last time.
I have decided to keep going and finish it but I'm still not sure about the colours. The person it is for has the same colouring as me and I think it looks ok colourwise.
You can see what I mean though about the colour transitions looking better over the small number of stitches (the bit closest to my fizzog). Ah well, we live and learn.

1 comment:

Nic said...

I'm loving the bunting bedding!! Ouch to the bike. I hope you are ok.

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