Monday, 11 June 2012

I Block Your Knits

I discussed this with the Romford Knitting Group a few months ago. After much thought and deliberation here it is...

It is exactly what it says - you post me your item, I block it and I post it back. I've got a special introductory offer.

Shawls are just £10 plus postage. 

Even if you don't need anything blocking drop by the website and give me your feedback. All comments welcome.

1 comment:

Heather Cawte said...

Absolutely brilliant idea - I've been paying a friend to block my shawls for years, because I can't crawl round on the floor. Anyway, if there was something blocking on my floor, the cats would have a field day ;)

I hope things work out with Pooch. I did the same with Richard's dad and, although ultimately we did part again, we were both much more accepting of that, having really given it our best shot. He's still one of my best friends even now, and we've been divorced for nearly 25 years. I was a child bride ;)

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