Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nothing Says Summer Like a Cabled Aran

Finished! The only modelled photo is sans buttons.
But with buttons...
The buttons were from my giant stash. The pattern calls for four but I only had the three. I um'd and ah'd about whether to go with blue or dark brown but am glad I chose these.
Dark Blue Vintage Buttons

The weather in the UK has done one of those sweet little u-turns. Jumped about 8 degrees in one day only to jump back down again the next day.
Sadly these things only seem to happen on weekdays when I have to stay in the office. Heat does not suit heavy yarns which is why I'm glad to be knitting with beauuuuuutiful silk laceweight. There is no point photographing it at the moment because it looks like a haemorrhoid - but the shawl for Nic's wedding is happily underway.

I had a monster migraine on Monday which has put the kibosh on further crafting this week. Plus my medium sister comes to stay tomorrow on the search for shoes for her wedding so that will be more shopping than crafting. However I am sure I'll manage to fit another repeat into the shawl and maybe even pin it out to take some photos at some point.

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