Sunday, 1 July 2012


Sister 1 came to visit this weekend. It has been pretty epic and is not over yet. The goal was the acquisition of her wedding shoes (she gets married in December). Goal acquired.
Sian's Wedding Shoes
We celebrated the finding of the shoes (Irregular Choice) in somewhere I didn't even know existed outside of Brighton. Choccywoccydoodah has a shop and cafe just off Carnaby Street. For the sake of my ever expanding wasitline it is probably best I didn't know it was there.
Milkshakes at Choccywoccydoodah
The shop contains examples of their fantasy cakes. The cafe upstairs is like somewhere vampiric, chocolate-loving, ladies-who-lunch would hang out.
Choccywoccydoodah Cafe London
Sian looked like she was about to be crowned by the ludicrous lampshade.
Sian in Choccywoccydoodah
We had accidentally found the wedding shoes in the first shop which theoretically meant game over, go home. But no. Five shoe shops and a Beyond Retro later and my plates of meat were doing the tendinitis tango and I had to head home. Sian bravely carried on. She's a trooper.

She got back to find me knitting. What else. She asked me about cross-stitch. "Is it difficult? Could I do it?" Never ask an enabler if you can do something. Thirty seconds later she had aida, threads and a pattern of a dog that looks like her dog.
Sian at work
She carried on with it this morning and free style embellished.
Flo Cross Stitch
I am *SO* freaking proud. She's ordered a kit online to do more. This is already the best day ever. My sister. Crafting. Squee.

Speaking of the lace.
Gail Lace Shawl in Progress
Going nicely. No counting either which I am a big fan of. As long as each half ends on the end of a pattern repeat you know you're doing fine and you stop when it's big enough. Nice.

The Sianathon didn't end with cross stitch. We decided to order a little sushi for dinner. I almost passed out with joy when I saw it arrive.
Sushi Platter 1
Sushi Platter 2
It's from Poppy Hana in Bermondsey which does free delivery over £15. So good. The eating doesn't end there either. This being a blowout weekend we are off in about 45 mins to eat Dim Sum by the riverfront in Canary Wharf. I can almost hear the pork buns calling me from here. My only sadness is that I won't be travelling there dressed like my hero.
Peter Jones Polka Dot Socks


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m said...

The yarn is knitting up beautifully! I'm so pleased it is working out.

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