Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Learning in Action

I have learnt several things recently. One was that ring cushions often have ribbon on them to tie the rings in place to make sure they don't fall off.
Ring Cushion Close Up 2
I made this last night using the waistcoat lining as the main fabric and a smidge of petrol blue organza as the overlay on the top.
Ring Cushion Close Up 1
I kind of swirled the organza and caught it down with a stitch or two and a bead or so. This project also taught me what this kind of needle is for.
Curved needle
I'd always wondered. It is for adding ribbon after you'd sewn it all up.
Ring Cushion Close Up 2
Ta da!



Yarse, I think you can also use those needles for soft toy making, to similar purpose.

Ynot said...

It's a thing of beauty!!

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