Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Blog Hopping

I've been searching for charm square swaps recently and can't seem to find any in the UK. Do UK quilters not swap or am I just looking in the wrong places? While looking though I came across Sew We Quilt which hosts blog hops. I'd missed signing up for Dot on Dots (you know how I love those polka dots) but have been visiting all the blogs taking part this week. You can see them all here and see the blogs involved on the Sew We Quilt website.

I was in time to sign up for the U'R Priceless Blog Hop though.
I enjoyed the few I've made since doing a course last year and am looking forward to doing a few more for xmas presents.

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My (maybe limited) experience so far is that there is a lot less online quilting activity in general - which would include swaps - with quilting rather than knitting. Witness for example 'quilt group' which is a brilliant quilting version of Ravelry and yet I can't seem to get anyone to join it. Everyone I meet at quilting classes I've done is considerably older or less techy than me (and I'm really not that techy...) it's weird no?

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