Monday, 24 September 2012

My Greatest Achievement To Date

It is finally finished.
Complete with label on the back.
It really has taken that long to do. Started back here after I'd seen someone else's version of this quilt on Flickr. All the way from tracking down the pattern book, choosing the fabrics, cutting, paper piecing, assembling, arranging, rearranging, sashing to quilting and binding. Phew! And now... this is going to be a long line if pictures of the individual squares.
Square one
Square Two
Square  Three
Square four
Square five
Square six
Square seven
Square eight
Square nine
Square ten
Square eleven
Square twelve

Mmmmm. Chuffed.


Ready Steady Knit said...

What a fantastic quilt - so much work in it and truly unique - well done. I am a quilter and a knitter with 2 blogs and my own wool shop. I will call again. Keep up the good work.
Pauline x

m said...

Love it! a real tour-de-force

Unknown said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

Sue said...

Beautiful. You should be totaly chuffed.sibityoommoeki

knittingsal said...

That is amazing, so beautiful, you are so talented. Keep it up.

Elly said...

Chuffed?! You should be, it's bloody AMAZING!!

Louise Riley said...

wow, this is something else, what a huge achievement, congratulations! x


My God. That is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy it for many, many year to come.

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