Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Patchwork Planning

I've scored two new books.
New books
I read about the Ann Budd at the weekend and knew it had to be mine. I'm always trying to reverse engineer the Ann Budd Sweater Patterns books to be top down. An added bonus is the chapter on contiguous set in sleeves. I've been wanting to try those for ages and now I have the courage to go for it.

The other book is an old one form the sixties, but first published in the thirties. It's got lots of advice in it as well as the actual blocks, all of which seem to come out different sizes. I'd love to do a quilt that was lots of different blocks put together, but for that to work I need to decide on a range of fabrics. I'd really love to use the Moda Sew Stitchy set but the colours aren't really me.
I'd like to get it designed and work out what yardage I'll need by xmas so that I can buy fabric in the sale. In the meantime, more knitting!!!

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