Sunday, 21 October 2012

Week One of the Holiday Complete

My last post got a lot of comments and suggestions so I'll follow up on them in a few days once I've researched all the extra shows you've recommended. Meanwhile, what did I do with my first week of holiday?

Out and about I went to Cheddar Gorge of which I'd heard much but never seen. If you like caves, you should take a trip.
Cheddar gorge cave 14
Cheddar Gorge
I also took a jaunt over to Step By Step Patchwork in South Molton which is a fabulous fabric shop. I spent about 90 mins just meandering around, stroking fabric, choosing a charm pack (oriental metallic blends), picking up a xmas kit, and generally wishing I could move in there.
Step by step shop in south molton
Rainbow Bag Sample
Fortunately I'd kept stopping on the way over to take photos as on the way back it was torrential rain. The views on Exmoor really are fantastic.
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor Rainbow
View of Exmoor
View of Exmoor
No wonder I spent the time smiling.
Plus a full rainbow.
View of Exmoor

While there I really got to know the chickens.
Eating Chickens
They really will do anything for lettuce. Can't think why. They're so much better than they were when they first arrived from the battery farm. Tonnes more feathers and roaming around all over the front and back gardens. The cat was also a darling.
Sleepy Artemis
That's one of the 10-stitch-blankets under her, knitted by my fair hand. You see those paws? And how the pads on her 'toes' are dark or pale depending on the fur colour? Sooooo cute. Paw-over-nose is her preferred sleeping position.

I also finished the body of my fairisle cardi.
Fairisle Jumper - body
And hand-sewed the paper pieced hexagons for my cushion cover's front.
Hexagon Patchwork
So basically, I've had a great time and Mum and Dad agree we are going to make it an annual thing so I shall we doing more of the same next Autumn. And still another week of this holiday to go!

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