Thursday, 29 November 2012

Haters Gonna Hate (NaMoBloPo #29)

I'd written quite a long. discursive post about the reaction to yesterday's post but that was before one commenter said I risked ending up with a knitting needle between my ribs. A death threat? Over knitting?


So much hate!

Yarn bombing at the NGA
If you genuinely believe yarn bombing serves a useful purpose then you go for it.


The Fastener said...

Ironic that you've called this post 'Haters gonna hate' when you were the one 'hating' in the first place!

You are indeed entitled to your opinion, as is everyone. Something we are very lucky to be able to voice in the UK.

However, please don't be surprised when you are shouting your distaste for someone else's art form that they are proud about that they return their opinion.

A lot of guerilla knitters/yarn bombers/ yarn stormers/ graffiti knitters - what ever you want to call us (yes I am one - who would've guessed?) do an immense work for charity. Deadly Knitshade being a prime example - currently involved in a HUGE project where she has worked endless days for zero money and where they are making people think about the world and how to change it through the power of craft. Crafitivist Collective - an extremely good example also. Please go and check out their stuff before you think that street art can not 'do' anything.

So, next time you think that craft and street art can not change the world or brighten up people's days, tell that to the charities who are actually gaining something from it.. simply because it makes people think about the charity on their way to work or via social media etc.

It's not all about charity, of course it isn't and the same can be said for general life. Otherwise no one would be earning anything to help out the charitites and we'd all be in a less fortunate way.

Really glad that your negativity has some what changed to positivity. Craft is a wonderful medium - whether on the streets or in the home and lets keep it that way.

And I'm sure the knitting needles in the ribs wasn't a direct threat - as you well know, crafters get quite passionate about things. Angry comments shouldn't be a surprise when you write so angry a post.

WendyHighmore said...

Knitting needle in the ribs?? Jeez Louise, this is a blog about WOOL for gawd's sake, WOOL. Soft fluffy stuff that kittens play with and babies look cuddly in. When did we all move into an episode of The Wire?

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