Thursday, 1 November 2012

My New Most Favourite Thing (NaBloMoPo #1)

I have always loved paper pieced hexagons. I started making things with them when I was about 11. It has taken until today for me to try a different shape! But I'm glad I did.
Diamond Flower
Each hexagon takes 12 diamonds and mine have 1.5" sides. I had a pack of 4" charm squares and can get 3 diamonds out of each square. I can see more of these diamonds in my future! I can imagine tessalating these with large hexagons in just one fabric. I'd never thought about doing hexagons that large until I saw this quilt about a year ago.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Of course since the advent of Pinterest I've become aware of other hexagon variations.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Source: via Alex on Pinterest

So many possibilities!

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