Monday, 17 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Not being a religious person, Christmas for me is more about the food and festivities than anything else. And a major food staple for me is Marzipan Fruits.
Marzipan Fruits
This year's are from Waitrose. I know they are only shaped bits of marzipan and I know they're just covered in food colouring but when it comes together it results in so much more than just coloured marzipan. Each one is a magical christmas jewel. AND they taste good. I do like marzipan. Then of course there is the tree. I don't have one myself but was on hand to help decorate Mum's.
Christmas Tree
Yes, she does have the decorations my sister and I made as little ones. But she also has some more recent additions. The glass Father Christmas is one of my favourites.
Glass Father Christmas

I spent the weekend at Mum's getting over the last of my flu. I actually spent more than half the time I was there asleep but I guess that has helped since I was able to go back to work for almost a full day today. While down there I got some quality cat action. Artemis is not usually a playful cat - she prefers an actual kill to a pretend one with a screwed up piece of paper - but she noticed my knitting and the wool moving against the chair.
Cat Playing with Wool
Before long it was the enormous, round, black pupils and the lightening quick paws with claws fully extended. All too easy to imagine those eyes and claws being the last thing the small, furry creature of the fields ever sees before squeaking their last.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

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impything said...

Marzipan fruits ARE Christmas! I had marzipan fruits for tea last night. Once my husband got me a little basket of marzipan VEGETABLES and I almost died.

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