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Showing posts from February 5, 2012

Snow Again

I never mentioned the snow we had over the weekend. Last night it fell again which coincides with my curling up at home with a cold. I've spent the day so far doing a cat impression on the sofa. I did wonder about going outside for some fresh air and even went as far as opening the window.
That's far enough - baby steps.

I have cast on my first ever piece of double knitting. This is the technique and not a reference to the DK weight of the yarn. It does make it difficult to google though. There is a clear tutorial by Phazelia, who I was swap partners with many moons ago, free on Ravelry.
It is definitely slower than your usual or even ribbing (which it basically is but with a slight change) but then we were all slow knitters when we first started and I have sped up already. I'm randomly adding a dot where I feel like it without worrying about an even pattern. Of course the last thing I needed was to start another project but bleh - don't be mean to me, I'm ill. If yo…

Well That's Not Good

I have never pretended to be an athlete.
I would not have said that I even particularly liked running.

But I liked the feeling of fitness and the way it kept my bulges to mere hillocks rather than mighty mountains.
I'd been getting shin pain so I went to the Physio. He told me to stop running. I am downcast.

Come on guys! Aren't I due a bit of a break? I finally find something that's good for me and now I can't even do that! I'm really quite annoyed about it. He says I've got flat feet. Flat feet!! I thought that only happened to malingerers trying to get out of national service in the forties. So because the arches aren't doing their shock absorber thing my shins are baring the brunt of it.

I was already a little concerned about the next week or two. I've had psychotic PMT the last couple of times and what with breaking up with Gordon I was not looking forward to this month's instalment. I've been reading up and calcium is supposed to help so I&#…

Letter Mo

I've not done very well with challenges recently. But coincidentally having written a letter to my ickle brother last week I was thinking maybe it would be nice to have a penpal or something. Not in the Brownie sense. More like in the 'thought you might find this interesting' sense.
Natalie has pointed this out to her Twitter followers. I've signed up and find myself 6 letters behind already! I'd better get writing. Would anyone like a letter from me? I'll post internationally. My email address is on the contact page (tab just below my header) so send me your postal address.