Saturday, 18 February 2012

Two Pints Byrne

I drank two pints of beer last night.

I haven't done that ever. In fact I don't even like beer. I was out with friends, one of whom is editor of a beer journal (I'm not making this up) and he recommended this stuff called Boon which tasted of beer not at all. In fact I quite liked it. Apparently it is a spontaneously fermented beer (no I don't know what that means either) and has sour cherries in it. It was certainly a good pink.

I've woosed out of my date for tomorrow. I just wasn't feeling it. On the plus side I now have the whole day to play with my new sewing machine.

A is for ace.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Give me a Resin to Love you

Much time ago I bought a kit to make resin pendants. It was another phase I was going through and nothing would satisfy me til I had made one. Then of course the kit took a week or so to arrive from america (perfectly understandable - lovely seller) to arrive and by then I had moved on to my next obsession. I'm sure that is typical of how the craft addiction cycle works for so many of us. There's so much craft...and so little time...Except there isn't really. There's lots of time and no need to hug every cat or do every craft right now. But anyway.
Resin First Try
By no means perfect - you can see the resin has soaked into the white one - but overall I am very happy with them.
Vintage Woman Resin Pendant
The white lady is actually from the envelope Natalie made me for LetterMo. She said she used that page because she thought I'd like the topic and I liked it so much I've immortalised it! Despite multiple warnings with the instructions I wasn't careful enough about sealing the paper (hence it soaking in in that little semi circle) so that is a lesson for next time.
Vintage Woman Pendant
The thing I love about resin is the 3D effect even on a flat surface. Of course that is increased if you use a bevelled container (all of these ones came with the kit).
Resin Pendant with Stars
You can see there were a few teeny tiny air bubbles caught in the holes of the buttons but I can live with those. I think next time I will try sewing some cotton through the button holes so they look more sewn on.
Resin Pendant with Stars
I've got more of the resin left and have ordered a few bezelled ring blanks. I'm thinking a WWE series of rings :)

Seriously though - Can't Hug Every Cat. Everyone should watch this.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Start of a New Era

Bernie came to dinner last night - two person knit'n'natter, very good - and brought the embroidered sewing machine I'm possibly buying from a friend. I've got it on trial.
Embroidery Sewing Machine Brother
I have *always* wanted one of these.
Machine Embroidered Byrne
I am slightly hamstrung by having been caught unawares with no suitable interfacing in the house. Seriously - I have how many cubic metres of craft supplies and I don't have even a hankie's worth of soluble interfacing? The shame.
Bernie asked me what I was going to use it on. Well for a start all my pyjamas and dressing gowns (hey, I have two, get over it) are getting monograms. Then all my underwear are having inappropriate words added to them. Then I might get a bit more serious and explore some of the Urban Threads designs.

My cold went into remission yesterday - I woke up feeling splendid and even went outside and everything. But by the time Bernie left last night I was full of it again and feel grotty this morning. So I guess it's a good time for catching up on correspondence.
LetterMo envelopes
I got two lovely #lettermo letters yesterday and read them both with interest. Natalie had posted about receiving mine on her blog
"two pages in italic-ish handwriting which made me slow down to absorb the information. We are so used to reading typeface in magazines, newspapers books and online and I found myself needing to take my time, not because it was hard to read, but it’s been a while since I read someone else’s script" 
I could relate to this completely when I sat down to read my two. But then one of them was shorter than the other BUT contained two photographs of wrestling! Talk about a bonus. I shall query their origin in my reply.
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