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Books 2012, # 21 - 26

My plan to read more classical books by choosing short ones with authors I recognise got as far as stage 1 - go to library and take out some short books. Stage 2 - read those books - has not been so successful. Plenty of time though eh?

For those of you who like to track the books you read and perhaps see recommendations from like minded readers, I would recommend GoodReads. I've been using it since the autumn and it has come in very handy - especially since I am the human goldfish when it comes to remembering what I read last week. It's free and very easy to use. I am, naturally, littlelixie on there so 'friend' me if you also like cats-solving-crime books. I just logged in to get the URL to link to and saw a new (to me) knitting murder series one of my 'friends' is reading which I have duly added to my own 'to read' list. Will have to see if it has a cat in it too. Although to be fair this lot are a little more diverse than previously and start off wi…

On a Productive Streak

In a recent email exchange a friend mentioned "You seem to be on a productive streak." My first thought was 'not really' when I suddenly thought that in the last couple of weeks I've made umpteen pincushions, knitted a whole pair of socks, made a load of jewellery and kits for my etsy shop, produced a comparison list of knitting software, made a skirt, adjusted two others (one not so good, the other perfect and has been worn), baked, made bunting and generally continued with a cross-stitch design I've got brewing. I think like a lot of us I take crafting in my stride and don't really notice when I've done a lot. 
The skirt is from one of the tablecloths I picked up last weekend. Naturally it is red polka dot.  I didn't have a zip handy so I went for button closure. While playing around I considered that I am not short of buttons (don't ask me to guess how many thousand my collection now contains) and so chose a whole series of mismatched vinta…


Britain is having a little heatwave. I am enjoying every minute of it - even on the Underground - since I suspect it may be all we get in the way of summer this year. This was Saturday in Greenwich Park.
I had a picnic in the Park and spent some time lolling on the grass looking up at the amazingly blue sky through the branches of a very green tree. I also spent some time noticing that my iPhone camera is a lot better than my actual camera. Such is technology.

On Sunday I set off for Battersea Boot Sale which I discovered after years of bemoaning London for not having that kind of thing. I do like a good boot fair.
It was pretty big and had just about everything you would expect from such a place. I was particularly after skirts since every thing in the shops is either mini or mid calf. Neither of which suit the Byrne physique. Result? Two skirts prime for altering and two tablecloths prime for making into skirts. Hubba!

On the way back I was very excited to see this:
It was assemblin…