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I got my long awaited delivery of purse frames today. I got them from this Etsy shop which is in China so the usual hand off between price and delivery speed. One is for the U'r Priceless Blog Hop in November but the others are all mine. Well, except that I'm making presents for people. I'll have some WIP shots by tomorrow. Meanwhile some lovely possibilities from flickr...
(Click on the image to find out what they all are.)

I've been cutting out pieces for purses this evening while waiting for an email. I'm wondering why I'm waiting.
I didn't think it was a difficult decision to make but then the thing about thinking time is it works both ways.
Then again...
Meow. I'm really looking forward to spending a week with the cat. 8 days and counting.

Meanwhile I can't find these fecking labels.
The ones that say "Handmade by Bernard". I just can't think what I've done with the bloody things.

Travelling Without Moving

Lots of activity going on chez Byrne while not much actual action is apparent. It's mainly cerebral. All this being in charge of your own destiny stuff is very confusing sometimes. I have been making a few things though. It started with a pin on Pinterest, where else, where the pinner explained how useful this type of keyfob was. You don't rummage for your keys because it's easy to catch hold of the long strappy thing. (The smaller one is for my cupboard at work.)
I've found it pretty useful so have made some more for xmas presents.
It all served to remind me how much I enjoy hexagon patchwork. Plus I have all the papers left from this bad boy...
...(which is still in my WIP pile) AND I've just completed a 2.5" square fabric swap. So when I do a house swap with Mater in a couple of weeks time I'll be taking this pink box with me.
It's what I used for the quilt to keep all my hex's in before making them into flowers. I've decided this time to go…