Sunday, 27 January 2013

I Appliqued a Circle and I Liked It

I didn't think I would enjoy applique, but I did. But, I'm not going to show you until tomorrow, when I take place in the Dresden bloghop! Until then the final preview of my Nancy Drew quilt before that bloghop takes place in March.
Nancy Drew Hexagons
I'm really pleased with how it is coming out although I have suffered a set back. I ordered samples of an ideal flannel backing fabric on the 15th. They arrived on Friday. I went online to order a few metres of one last night and they're not on the website any more. The whole range has gone! I anxiously await a reply from them to my "Concerned of Mudchute" email.

I've put the finishing touches to two baby cardigans for my niece-in-progress. This one is a free pattern and keeps reminding me of the people in Pigeon Street.
Stripey Baby Cardigan

Sister requested no pink but these buttons seem to go perfectly.
Baby Cardigan Buttons
The next is sock yarn and I had intended to i-cord some frogging type buttonholes but then when I looked at it I thought cords would do nicely.
Knitted Baby Cardigan
Knitted Baby Cardigan Detail
I've also finished casting off the blanket, so now that just needs blocking.
Baby Blanket Detail
I'm going to write it up as a recipe type pattern as it really is the easiest thing to knit with whatever yarn you have handy to whatever size you desire. Apart from that, work continues on my cloud jumper which is now about halfway down the yolk.
Cloud Jumper WIP
Progress is slow but then I have been knitting either chunky or baby sized things for a while now and 4-ply does make a big difference.

I am trying not to buy any more yarn or fabric (flannel excepted) until SkipNorth (which is now full and about 7 weeks away). My last hoorah was half a metre of this.
Spool Fabric
I just couldn't resist. Gorgeous huh? In my opinion definitely the nicest from the Sew Retro collection. The lady at Liberty asked me what I was going to make with it.... How are you supposed to answer that kind of question?

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Patty said...

Love your hexes. They are pretty.(snooping from the blog hop)

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