Tuesday, 26 February 2013


My newest buttons have arrived.
Beautiful Buttons
Squuuuuuueeeee! Could not be happier. They got here amazingly quickly from Australia AND free postage AND half price. Her Etsy Shop is here. She has other buttons, earrings and lots of other very beautiful stuff. Definitely to be recommended.

It has made me think again about making the most of my most precious and loved buttons which otherwise live in a storage box. This would be a good way to display singles:

But then I am thinking more like this kind of thing except just with carded buttons.

Ah - the craft we would do if we didn't have to work!

Speaking on which, on my way in this morning I noticed a block I pass twice a day had added a flag.
Distant flag
"So what?" I hear you ask. But look what it says.
Closer flag

1 comment:

pannikin said...

Hello! So glad you like the kitty and flower buttons :-) I love those brown button cards with the little jar printed on, too cute!

Hope your day is a lovely one.

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