Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Long Weekend

Yikes - I meant to put this live at the weekend but clearly forgot. So here it is, 3 days late!

I've ticked a fair few things off my "to do" list this weekend.

1. Stencil quilt design onto quilt.
Back on Nancy Drew Quilt
- Done and quilting 3/4 done. They grey cotton flannel is really lovely. 

2. Tutorial for frame purse kits written.
Sashiko Frame Purse
- All done except a bit of formatting. Pictures all taken and two examples made. Although I did manage to put the tag in upside down on this one. Dur. It's sashiko on this side and leather on the other - rather lovely. 

3. Review collection of sewing fabrics for next quilt.
- Here they all are. I've actually managed to keep them all reasonably similar colour-wise.

4. Choose colours for the Pop Spots Shawl on Ravelry.
- Fail, but then you can't win them all. I'm just not sure whether to go for two greys (I have madelainetosh sock in two lovely ones) or a red and white one. I've also only just realised that if you go for the small size you can get the spots and edging out of one skein, so I could just go for it with the grey. Mmmm...decisions...

I also did some more of my clock face. 
Clock Face in Progress
I really am rather liking this, and it's fun to do. 

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