Friday, 1 March 2013

Templates and Tutorials

Taking my inspiration from tortoises such as Charlie...
Charlie the Tortoise 2
...and others...
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

I have decided to quilt my Nancy Drew Quilt hexagonally. So I made a stencil.
Carboard Hexagon Quilting Template
I've never used one before so time will tell whether it works out.

In the meantime I've been taking photos for a tutorial going into my new kits. Guess what the kits are for?
Frame Purse for Kit Tutorial
And it's definitely not my photography! The kits will premier at SkipNorth and then afterwards go onto Etsy.


bagqueen said...

Hi, I love that ourse, coincidentally I have just bought the same fabric and purse frames to make slightly bigger purses that could be used for scissors, cable needles and other paraphenalia that we all need in our knitting bags!!

Scrapatches said...

I looked at the quilting on your grey in your newest post and had to go looking for more on this quilt. Love your hexagon quilting template. Now I am really looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment and a thread trail back to your lovely work ... :) Pat

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