Monday, 1 April 2013

Baby Making

I've been combining making things I've always wanted to have a go at with making things for my sister for when the baby arrives. This is the latest.
Box purse
I overdid the interfacing but apart from that it is SOOOOO fricking cutely perfect. I want to rock it in my arms like a baby. Ahem. I followed this tutorial exactly apart from adding covers to the ends of the zips, which I learnt from the zipped pouches blogged about here.
Box purse
It gives a very nice extra detail. I have 4 more cut out and am just waiting for some extra zips to arrive. The future ones will be a little bit bigger and have a hand strap.

This marks a momentous change in my life - I have started a new Pinterest board. I know - this is serious. The "Bags and Pouches" board is now in place. If you are not using Pinterest you have my sympathy. I am a total addict.

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