Monday, 22 July 2013

The Smell of the Sea

The smell of the sea is something there should be a word for - like the smell just before or just after rain. I was at Blue Anchor yesterday, looking for interesting stones.
It reminded me of my youth when as a little Byrne I would go to the beach (we lived opposite) at low tide when the sea had retreated for miles (or at least 200 metres) and divert the water flowing off the stones into little aquatic mazes of pools and shoots we had devised. On this beach this was happening on a slightly larger scale.
More of a river than the stream we used to work with.

Unlike Herne Bay, this beach had a series of huge boulders, followed by a few metres of very polished stones, and then sand. The stones were really beautiful.
Stones 1
So harmonious. Many of them having clearly been chipped off the boulders, which were also great to look at.
Stones 3
I spent some time looking for ones with different layers.I do find geology interesting.
Stones with lines
Ex-boyfriend Flash is a geologist and I am waiting for Zambia to come online so he can tell me how the grey stone at the bottom of the photo below has ended up with a rainbow through it.
Stone pile
Nature, huh? Gotta love it. Endless fascination. Plus a great backdrop to the inevitable selfy.
See how I blend in with my polka dot top? You can tell I was born and grew up with the smell of the sea filling my lungs!

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